Hekaton Studio

Indie Game Studio
based in Montréal, Canada

Deeper Worlds (Working Title)

Deeper Worlds (working title) is a rogue-like exploration game with dungeon crawler elements. Its many monsters will lure you in for a fascinating adventure in its fantasy realms. Follow us to stay updated on the progress on this exciting project.

Lost Echoes

Lost Echoes is about recovering a lost language from a dying planet, in the hopes of salvaging the remnants of this civilization and maybe discover some ancient secret... This game is a two player experience where one player is on the alien planet while the other is in a spaceship in space. Some weird interference keeps them from sending the pictures of their discovery and they have to communicate to each other how each alien letter looks like, in hope to be able to translate it.

Who we are

Hekaton Studio is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. The studio main ambitions are to push the limits and innovate in the field of interactive media. No project is impossible or too complicated for our ambitious and creative team! We are currently in the development of our first title, "Deeper Worlds".

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